LUX Singapore offers the most amazing Scandinavian food assembled from the freshest ingredients, sure to bring inspiring flavor into your life.



LUX brings authentic Scandinavian food and flavours to Singapore. Scandinavian cuisine encompasses the Nordic nations of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland which gives you a variety of simple (as you may know we Scandinavians are minimalists ;-) ), yet classic flavour profiles which when combined, produce hearty and satisfying meals.

The idea behind LUX is to showcase what Scandinavian food is all about and prove it's far from your processed meatballs and such which can be found at famous big furniture stores (no offence, those serve their purpose in the fast-food industry).  However, our passion and mission are to make you familiarised with authentic Scandinavian food and flavours. All dishes we serve and deliver are made in-house from scratch (no processed), only using the finest quality produce from the market. 


271 Beach Rd, Singapore 199547

6298 0708

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Image by Kai Pilger


Tuesday - Sunday: 12pm - 9.30pm